AUGUST 23-29
the European Biennial Double Bass Congress


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At 13.00 Hans Mantel will give a workshop in de Kleine Zaal on concepts for creative bass lines using accidentals, chord extensions, patterns and rhythmic concepts.

At 15.00 Marc van Rooij will play a concert in de Kleine Zaal with Rob van Bavel and Hans van Oosterhout. 

On Thursday Wiro Mahieu will give a workshop in De Kleine Zaal at 11.00. 

The final of the jazz competition starts at 20.00 in the Blue Note room of the Amsterdam conservatory (10 min. walk from Amsterdam Central Station).

On Friday Marc van Rooij will play a trio concert in de Kleine Zaal at 15.00. The winner of the jazz competition will play a final concert at 20.15.

A welcome by the President

Hans Roelofsen



I am very pleased to welcome you to the European Bass Convention 2014 that will be held in the theatre of Almere City from 23 – 29 August.


We will stay in Schouwburg Almere, a new and stylish theatre designed by Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa. It is a perfect accommodation for the bass competitions (23 and 24) as well as for the convention (25 to 29). The theatre will be entirely at our disposal during the whole week.


Schouwburg Almere has three halls (900, 350 and 145 seats respectively) spacious foyers and a large number of studio's with upright piano’s. Its location at the waterfront offers magnificent views over the lake. Just opposite the theatre is the Apollo Hotel and within walking distance the Anno Hotel and the Finn hotel.


The train takes you in 20 minutes to Almere from Amsterdam Central Station and in 40 minutes to Almere from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol). For those who come by car: there is plenty of parking space. There are also convenient offload facilities for our stand holders.


The low lands good for low notes


BassEurope conventions do contribute substantially to exchanging ideas and innovative techniques as has been shown before in Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen. While our American counterpart, the International Society of Bassists, has been organizing conventions for a long time, in Europe we kept to our national preferences for too long. This is quite strange considering the fact that musicians worldwide like to play the whole repertory and not limit themselves to their national composers only.


The Netherlands cannot boast to have nationalistic composers who obtained worldwide recognition, like Bohemia had Smetana and Dvorak. We may have little reason to be chauvinistic in musical matters, but therefore we were more are open to the musical culture of surrounding countries. With this came an eclectic approach to playing styles- and techniques, a natural curiosity and appreciation of cultural diversity.


We hope tall participants will be inspired by what Bass2014 has to offer!


A warm welcome to the 4th European Bass Convention!


Hans Roelofsen

President Bass2014 

Our Main Sponsor



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